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The Jockeys is now fully open including the Anne Street and Mary Street bars.

For your safety, we will be adhering to all Government, NPHET and HSE guidelines and will advise you should this situation change.

Face masks are now a matter of choice!


Best Hour of the Day



Beers & Spirits

Each of our saloons offers a unique atmosphere to experience Dundalk hospitality firsthand.


With a reputation for nailing down great beers, and smooth liquor,  the Jockeys prides itself on delivering frosty drinks and good, old-fashioned conversation. 


Enjoy a sense of community with a little something for everyone with our friendly staff at the helm.


Welcome to the best country pub in Dundalk. 

Now you can sit at the bar!


What's for


Horse Race

Live Sports

The Jump Season

The Jockeys host all the latest sporting action from Sky Sports and Racing UK with dedicated TV coverage of all horse racing meetings every day.

Enjoy the flat racing season in the comfortable surroundings of the Mary Street Bar with regular prizes on offer for patrons and visitors alike.


Drop by for a beer and enjoy the town’s best racing coverage best of luck all round.

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