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Serving the great people of Dundalk since 1799

Updated: Mar 27, 2021

The Jockeys history dates back to 1799 when it was opened by the 1st Earl of Roden, Robert Jocelyn, the eldest son of the Honourable Lord Roden, who’s fingerprints stretch across much of Dundalk’s early Georgian streets and establishments - worth a google on Wikipedia for those interested in the town.

The Jockeys name was later changed to The Inn and then The Oriel Bar before finally being changed to The Jockeys as a tribute to renowned jockey and owner Ted Fitzpatrick. The building underwent significant change under former owner, the Great Jimmy McGeough, late of the Windsor Bar, who took it over in March 1956 before embarking on reconstruction work over the following years, combining the Mary Street saloon we see today.

The pub’s history and folklore has been carried on for the last few decades by Sean and Anita Kelly, who have scooped numerous awards over their time here, including Best Bar and Best Presented Public House, not to mention a Black and White Food Award and many others. In 2019, the Kelly’s passed the torch to Alan Molloy of The Jocelyn Inn who continues to honour his predecessors long standing traditions.

Located at the southern edge of Dundalk’s premier shopping districts, the Jockeys is situated on the corner of Anne Street, and Mary Street South just steps away from Dundalk’s Clarke Railway Station, The Oriel Cultural Centre, and the world-famous Harp Larger and McArdle Moore Breweries.

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